SPRING SESSION: March 3rd to April 20th, 2022

Wed 3/9, 3/30, 4/6, or 4/20 | Viewpoints are a great way to work on your reaction skills, artistic creation, physicality, and being present for the stage. Viewpoints are a great way to create new works or inspire actors and directors if you are feeling stuck or need to be more spontaneous. The class will begin with an introduction into what viewpoints are followed by a physical warmup, and then diving into small viewpoint sessions that can expand into larger ones. It is a drop in format, so you can either come once or come to each class to improve on and better learn Viewpoints. This is a physical class, so individuals should wear comfortable clothes.
6 weeks, Thurs 3/3-4/7, with select drop-in dates | Join Grace DeWolff in Sunstone’s interactive studio environment for a series of workshops designed for actors of all ages. Afraid of Shakespeare? Learned it in college, but that was 10(plus) years ago? Want to audition for Shakespeare plays but have never been in one? Don’t know what you’re doing with that poetic monologue? Don’t let Shakes-Fear make you feel “stupid” (I promise you’re not!). Instead, let a knowledgeable guide and a room full of supportive peers help you dive into the world of 400-year-old English. This six-week class will culminate in a showcase of your new skills!
6 weeks, Sat 3/5-4/9 | Weekly artist workshop to share and receive feedback on a specific piece of work which will move from idea to final draft over the course of the month. Participants from the development phase will be assigned a day to produce 10-20 min of the piece to show off their work at a staged reading with a PWYW audience in April. Sunstone Studios will facilitate a conversation with the audience to collect feedback for the playwrights. If deemed ready, a class participant may be selected to co- produce their entire piece at a staged reading for an PWYW audience in April.
7 weeks, Mon 3/7-4/18, or drop-in | A facilitated Stage Combat Primer for the serious performer. SAFD Certified teacher Christopher Elst and Actor Combatan King Hang lead classes through unarmed combat, domestic violence, how violence can inform acting, and intimacy work.
7 weeks, Tue 3/8-4/19, or drop-in | This is a seven-week class for serious actors looking to analyze your craft, promote good performance habits, refine your existing technique,and develop high quality artistic practices. Zach, Ashley and Grace will facilitate this 3 hour a week class where all students are encouraged to participate in giving and receiving specific, constructive feedback.

More about our Professional Development offerings...

Our vision is to liberate artists so they may make their experiences of humanity public. Working with many industry craftspeople and organizations in Milwaukee and surrounding areas to create a Professional Development program seems like a natural next step for Sunstone Studios. We are devoted to creating opportunities for Milwaukee artists to reach their fullest potential.

In our pursuit to elevate the voices of every artist-expert, many of our classes are held in forum style. The expectation of participants to feel empowered to share their expertise and provide feedback on presented work is ingrained in the co-facilitators.

Co-facilitated classes where at least one of the facilitators identifies as a person from historically excluded communities are a priority. Sunstone Studios will rely heavily on partnerships with many industry experts to develop a program collaborating with and serving the artistic talent pool of the Milwaukee area.

This program results from a collaboration with many industry organizations. We look forward to announcing all the great partnerships as Summer and Fall programming details become finalized.

Please continue to provide us with information we and others can use to develop professional development programs in the future. We won't consider it final until we reach more Milwaukee artists from historically excluded communities. Let us know if you want to see the survey's final results.

Sunstone Studios believes price should never be a barrier. Fill out the Micro-Grant application if you want to receive more information about financial assistance programs.