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'Neath the Hills of Bastogne

by Zach Thomas Woodsco-produced with Zach Thomas WoodsDirected by Samantha Martinson

featuring the talents of Kaila Bingen (Musician), Christian Davis Aldridge (Aldrich/Replacement/Gaetan), Anya Palmer (Emma / Medic / German Woman), and Joe Pichetti (Harper)

with design by Colin Gawronski and stage management by Lauren Instenes

During Belgium’s coldest winter in forty years, American and German forces converge on the tiny town of Bastogne in one of the most climactic battles of World War II. As bullets fly and cultures clash, a rag-tag group of combatants looks to the past, prays for the future, and wonders if peace is possible in the face of overwhelming hatred.

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The Gift of the Magi: A Live Radio Play

by Bob Cooner

O. Henry's beloved Christmas classic takes on new dimensions in this adaptation that moves the action forward to World War I-era New York City. Very much in love, newlyweds Della and James want to make their first Christmas together extra special, but they'll need a miracle to overcome the obstacles posed by family and finances. The young couple encounter colorful New York characters from all walks of life in their quest to give each other the perfect gift. This radio version reduces the action to about 80 minutes.

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Between Two Rivers (WORLD PREMIERE)

by Michael Lucchesi
directed by Tim Kietzman
co-produced with Michael Lucchesi, Tim Kietzman, and
53212 Presents

"I have always loved myths. They are filled with symbolism. That’s probably why I tell stories. Some, like Pandoras Box, try to explain how and why things are the way they are. Others, like Adam and Eve in the Garden, are a sort of road map with metaphoric sign post to guide us to right action. There were two trees in the Garden, the Tree of Life ( the Family Tree ) and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. You could eat from one, but not the other. And what’s up with that Original Sin?

In BETWEEN TWO RIVERS I tried to strip away the metaphors, use modern language, reference recognizable places and insert some recent history ( Sandusky scandal ) to tell a story."

- Michael Lucchesi

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by William Shakespeare
by Maya Danks
directed by Linetta Alexander Islam
co-produced with Rebirth Ink

featuring the talents of Guinevere Casper, King Hang, Ken Miller, and Brielle Richmond
with production design by Alan Piotrowicz

This adaptation focuses on the thin line between health and madness. Four actors work together to tell this classic story as a new Halloween tale.

Now Streaming On-Demand! $29 Rental for 24 hours via Vimeo.