Whirligig of Time

Whirligig of Time (WORLD PREMIERE!)

by Rick Bingen

featuring the talents of Samantha Biatch, Steve Decker, Sean Duncan, Adam Raul Medina, Alicia Rice, Keighley Sadler, and Liz Shipe
scenic & lighting design by Colin Gawronski and sound design by Alan Piotrowicz

A London pub, Shakespeare-themed libations, and time travel – a recipe for an unprecedented adventure for a lost and forlorn Olivia...


All shows Pay-What-You-Wish (taxes and fees included, available online or at the door) or BUY A PASS today (4 shows for $99).

This production will also be available to STREAM ON-DEMAND. More info coming soon.


Liz Shipe

Sean Duncan
Charlie/Richard Burbage

Keighley Sadler
Adam/Will Kemp

Adam Raul Medina
Greg/John Heminges

Alicia Rice
Jennifer/Rebecca Heminges

Samantha Biatch
Mistress Quickly

Steve Decker
Husband/William Shakespeare/Drunk

About the Author

Rick Bingen (Playwright)

Rick Bingen is a playwright and theatre artist from Kenosha. He is extremely excited and grateful to have his first play, Whirligig of Time, produced by Sunstone Studios. He would like to thank everyone who has helped bring this play to life. It is a dream come true! Recently you may have seen Rick as Mortimer in Failure: A Love Story (Fleeing Artists Theatre), James in Gift of the Magi (Sunstone Studios), and AJ in Between Two Rivers (Sunstone Studios). In nature there’s no blemish but the mind; None can be called deformed but the unkind.

Production Staff

Colin Gawronski
Scenic & Lighting Design

Alan Piotrowicz
Sound Design

Kaila Bingen
Music Director/Original Compositions

Mia Palmer
Stage Manager

Special Thanks

  • Maggie Marks

  • Bryan Quinn