Between Two Rivers

Between Two Rivers (WORLD PREMIERE!)

by Michael Lucchesi
directed by Tim Kietzman
co-produced with Michael Lucchesi, Tim Kietzman, and 53212 Presents

"I have always loved myths. They are filled with symbolism. That’s probably why I tell stories. Some, like Pandoras Box, try to explain how and why things are the way they are. Others, like Adam and Eve in the Garden, are a sort of road map with metaphoric sign post to guide us to right action. There were two trees in the Garden, the Tree of Life ( the Family Tree ) and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. You could eat from one, but not the other. And what’s up with that Original Sin?

In BETWEEN TWO RIVERS I tried to strip away the metaphors, use modern language, reference recognizable places and insert some recent history ( Sandusky scandal ) to tell a story."

- Michael Lucchesi

October 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2021

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Scott Oehme Sorensen (Aaron Young)

Scott Oehme-Sorensen (Aaron Young) is very excited to make his Sunstone Studios debut in Between Two Rivers. For over 30 years, he has been performing throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Some of his favorite roles include Boolie Werthen in DRIVING MISS DAISY, Karl Lindner in A RAISIN IN THE SUN, Dr. Rank in A DOLL’S HOUSE and Attorney Joseph Welch in FACING THE FINDING, for which he was voted Favorite Supporting Actor in the 2017 AACTFest one-act competition. Scott would like to thank the playwright, the director – and this incredibly talented cast – for a much appreciated invitation to play, his Mom and Joe for running lines at all hours of the day and night…. and YOU! Thank you for supporting the arts. There is no level of excitement that quite compares to that of knowing someone is watching the show. As always, never-ending love to the late Aric Fisher. Enjoy the show!!

Anya Palmer (Lilith Masters-Young)

An up-and-coming talent, Anya Palmer is determined to make her mark on the Milwaukee theatre scene. During quarantine, she took the opportunity to improve her skills by taking online improv and voiceover courses at The Second City as well as atASC (Acting Studios Chicago), giving her the chance to work with actors like Cooper Shaw and Brad Grusnick. Two Rivers is her first show with Sunstone Studios. Most recently, she wrapped up the fully virtual production of Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information. She is very excited to be playing Lilith in this production, and hopes to be able to tackle more complex characters like her in the future. Outside of acting, Anya can be found watching YouTube videos in her room.

Brandon Michaud (Kyle Young)

Brandon is so excited to return to the stage after this long hiatus due to covid-19. Brandon has been lucky to perform across the United States and even overseas. From Michigan, to New York, Chicago, and finally having found a home here in Wisconsin. His favorite shows include "American Idiot", "Dogfight", "Run For Your Wife" and, of course, "Mamma Mia" where he was lucky enough to meet his fiancée. In his free time Brandon loves to kickbox, play with his puppy, plan a wedding, and take animation classes with Disney animation professionals. He also runs an art business named "Alcides Artwork" that promotes awareness for men's mental health through Greek Mythology painting/sketch art. Check it out @alcides_artwork on Instagram and Facebook! @brandon.michaud21

Rick Bingen (AJ Young)

Rick Bingen is an actor, director, and playwright in the Milwaukee area. He is excited to be taking on his first non-comedic acting role in Between Two Rivers. Rick’s previous credits include shows with Bard & Bourbon and Fleeing Artists Theatre. His favorite roles were Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Ferdinand in The Tempest. Rick recently finished writing a new play called Steal the Theatre which will have a staged reading at Sunstone Studios later this year.

Molly Kempfer (Eden Young)

Molly Kempfer is thrilled to be performing in her first show in Milwaukee. Before relocating to Milwaukee, she recently graced the theatre scene in Madison, WI with riveting performances in A Plague on All Our Houses and All’s Well That Ends Well. She got her BA in Music Theatre from Carthage College and has spent the time since performing and teaching acting and voice to young students. Some of her favorite roles include Tekmessa in Ajax, Flora in Flora the Red Menace, and First Soldier in All’s Well That Ends Well. Molly can’t wait for audiences to see this thrilling new drama and hopes they will appreciate the cathartic nature of the play as much as she has.

Production Staff

Michael Lucchesi (Producing Playwright)

In the 80’s I moved to Los Angeles. While there I adapted John Clellon Holme’s novel “GO” and Produced it for the Excerpt Theatre Players (co- founder.) LA Weekly Pick of the Week. I adapted Anais Nin’s “Little Birds” and “Erotica” and Produced it for Excerpt Theatre Players. Downtown News must see. I adapted John Steinbeck’s “In Dubious Battle” for the Stage. All three of these project meet with resounding cease and desist orders from lawyers and publishers. I worked at Los Angeles Theatre Center as an Asst. Stage Manager where I was fortunate enough to work on World Premiers of plays by Luis Valdez, Donald Margulies and Stephan Dietz. One can learn a lot sitting in a rehearsal room. I moved back to Milwaukee, got married, bought a house, co- raised 4 brilliant, kind, funny kids ( they take after their mother, whew) and took a 25 year hiatus. For a brief, glorious time I was the fastest runner on 65th street between Lloyd and Garfield. Once in the Lake Park Little League father/ son game I made an over the shoulder Clemente-esque catch robbing Harry Kofu of a sure extra base hit.

Tim Kietzman (Director)

It's been over 40 years since Tim first 'caught the bug''* by co-directing 'Absurd Person Singular'. Since that time the fever has grown* and he has directed shows from small staged readings like 'Take Flight' to full stage musicals like 'Oliver'. He still experiences the chills* of theater whether he is acting, designing, building, or lighting. As many can attest in these unusual times* it is the arts, music, dance, drama, comedy that allow us to appreciate and examine our lives when so much around us seem to limit and diminish us. Tim is thankful that you have chosen to join us tonight to experience and perhaps be inoculated by* this modern and ancient parable of temptation and sin. *not a reference to COVID @ganesh_mw

Posy Knight
Set Design

Kirk Thomsen
Lighting Design

Karolyn Wolkos
Stage Manager

Derek Jacobs
Run Crew

Tom Zuelke
Light Board Operator

Ben Yela

Special Thanks

For their generous and continuing support...
Meg Schrank and the late Carl H. Schrank

Jeanne Schrank, Carol Thiel, Mona Bliss, Louise Schrank

In addition to...
Sasha Allen, Judith Bartnick, Rita Bates, Linda Brown, Katherine Dannecker, Cat Dragon, Molly Dawn Dewane, Mary Engelbart, Dr. Tim Fenske, Leslie Fitzwater, Paula Garcia, Leslie Hoy, Maureen Lavin, Jane Lloyd, Holly Love, Sydonia Lucchesi, Gina Lucchesi-Hayek, and Martha Treder