The name of H.P. Lovecraft is a towering monument in modern Gothic horror. Known by most lovers of the macabre and trans-dimensional horror, his body of work along with Edgar Allen Poe has helped build the mystic and historical air of colloquial East Coast America. Through his words he has transformed places like Providence, Quebec, Philadelphia, and indeed New England in general into a nexus of creepy shadow demons and unseen terror. In other words, he is known for creating the deep, rich, and mind-bending mythos of ancient gods and parallel-dimensioned beings. For this Halloween, come and share his exploration of a single man as he confronts his own existential existence. How can someone survive the horror of their own true self?

Shows run October 18th -31st

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Sunstone Studios MKE is a small, independent theater space conveniently located in downtown Milwaukee, WI. We believe a diverse community of artists sharing resources in a physical space builds a vibrant culture focused onpushing the limits of art. From the floorboards to the balcony, we commit to creating an equitable space in which partnering with the Black and Brown communities of Milwaukee, the LGBTQIA2S+ communities of Milwaukee, the marginalized communities of artists who are neither Black, Brown nor White, and the communities of artists of all abilities are our priority. We stand in the gap as fellow artists and creatives to offer space rental and membership with access to shared services, value-added features, and programming with a significant focus on outreach to marginalized communities.

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