THE MADWOMAN By Cara Johnston

France 1817. The French Revolution is over for all except one. Théroigne de Méricourt has stepped out of the revolution and into the asylum. Left unsupervised, she spends her final days crafting her life's great work, an opera about the revolution she never left behind. As the self-cast leading lady of her own imagination, Théroigne performs to an illusory audience and a standing ovation. 


“See Théroigne, by blood and fire enraged,

Hounding a shoeless rabble to the fray,

Who plays herself on a flaming stage,

As she climbs, sword in hand, the royal stairway.”

- Charles Baudelaire

from SISINA, published in 1859

October 19 8:00pm

October 20 8:00pm

October 21 2:00pm

October 21 8:00pm

All Performances are Pay What You Will